Well, RIO+20 wrapped up this past Friday and what better time to get this blog going. I had signed up back in March when I finally realized I had been banned from commenting on Media Matters for America but I’ll save that bizarre story for another day.

Back to the business at hand. I had read the RIO+20 Final Pre-Conference Draft and, having studied the Sustainable Development “movement” for a while now, I was inspired by CFACT’s turn of phrase to redesign the draft’s spiffy cover. It seems they left their logo in an unfinished state so I was happy to finish it off for them. I even offered up a new U.N. logo I hope they enjoy. I do believe my depiction is a more accurate reflection of what these folks have in store for us despite all of the new flowery language in the report concerning “poverty eradication” with visions of sugar plums and mandated green economies.

I am preparing a PDF that elaborates on the message of my cover piece (largely a dolled-up retread of my piece on The Air Vent since not much has changed other than their current “no really, we’re trying to help you” misguided PR campaign), but that could be a while. So for now, I just wanted to share the new-and-improved cover since it seemed timely. Enjoy.

H/T to WUWT and CFACT for keeping the torch lit, though pitchforks may be in order as well at some point. Speaking of which, Mr. Watts, Rothbard, Rucker, please feel free to use the revised RIO+20 image I made at will (including making it your own by cloning out my address at the bottom). The more people hear our messages of opposition to the Sustainable Misery agenda, the better. And the clearer we make that message, hopefully, the wider it will resonate. Cheers!


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