Part 1: Warmist AGW “weather extreme” meme trudges forward—human fingerprint on half of the 2012 extreme weather events NCDC studied


For starters, this is parody, so deal with it. That means you Dr. Karl. I’ll stop when AGW pseudoscientists stop. This is a primer for my next post where I jump into my CliMate-chine to present the NOAATAWL press release regarding extreme weather from a century ago. The post was prompted when last Friday, September 5th, NOAA’s NCDC connected the dots again releasing their paper explaining they had found that human-caused climate change was a factor in a full half of the 2012 extreme weather events they studied. I read the press release as well as lead editor Thomas Peterson’s “event attribution” Q&A. Here’s a gem he offered up:

The fact that we may get somewhat different answers using different techniques is to be expected. We don’t want all the answers to be exactly the same. We want people to use different models to come up with somewhat different results because this range allows us to put a fudge factor, or reasonable boundaries, on how literally we should interpret any specific assessment of an event.

You’d have thought that Peterson would have gotten the memo to axe “fudge factor” from the lexicon post-HARRY_READ_ME  and Climategate. Nonetheless, the headline, lead and extreme weather map combined to give off that old and malodorous AGW air, well mixed with presupposition and pomposity. In other words more ‘model projections and expert judgment’ on display.

I downloaded but couldn’t bring myself to read the paper knowing its more of the same crap we’ve already been fed. Seriously, do I really need to go further than Peterson’s out-of-the-gate answer to the first Q&A question?

As the planet warms due to greenhouse gases, there are a lot of other changes going on in the climate system. So if you just look at warming, it’s a lot more limiting than if you look at all the other changes that humans are causing as well—for example, increases in heavy precipitation.

This same cadre and its cohorts have been beating the extreme weather drum for quite some time, elevating themselves to the role of prospective geoengineers and stating matter-of-factly that “Earth’s climate is warming, and destructive weather is growing more prevalent.” And you knew they weren’t going to let this one go until they “validated” their theory. This latest report is just another stepping stone on their path to claiming a human fingerprint in almost all extreme weather events. As such, it is worthy of mockery and finger-pointing, as I will oblige in my follow-up post.


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