I am many things. We all are. We share many things, yet we are all unique. Me? Who I am does not matter. I can be a villain, and often a douche, but I am also deeply empathetic and hold a few precious things near to my heart. I will battle for them as long as I feel they are under threat. Those precious things—freedom, humanity, nature, integrity, fairness, truth—are dear to you as well I hope, self-evident even. Have you yet begun to fight for them?

This is supposed to be about me, but really I want it to be about us, all of us. What do we want for a future, for ourselves, our children? I will share my thoughts, and hopefully you will share yours. I’m bound to piss off most people a few (or many) times. That’s all right. You’ll piss me off too. No worries. It’s simply an exercise in sharing.

I will try to write about many things, but the real reasons I set this up is to comment about where we are at as a civilization, to offer my feelings about my country, to speak to the open agendas being set forth by our keepers, and to expose scientific activism.


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